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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Part of Me

Hanin menangis biler baca one story in this chicken soup book...entahler...tiba-tiba hanin teringat kat "someone"...To "someone"...here is a poem for you yg hanin amik from the chicken soup book...

A Part Of Me

As I sit and remember
When you were still a part of me
I try to forget...
Your life was never meant to be.
You were given a life, a soul, a name
But now things will never be the same.
You were mine to give life to
Though only for a while
Things had changed...
I will never see your smile.
Yet my love for you
Will never disappear
Though your voice, your laugh,
I will never get to hear.
You will always be my baby
Though I've never seen your face.
Not a thing in this world
Can ever take your place.

I know you won't get over it but life must go on...It was meant to be or it was the best (remember what Dr. Hamid arshat told us?)...I know Allah has a better plan for you in future.Your baby is in a better place now (i know he will be in heaven and he will say to you "Mommy please don't cry.... when I fall it doesn't hurt, there are no tears in heaven.")..Now you will have an angel in heaven :) Cry when you need because i know your tears are helping you grieve..Don't feel guilty you laughed today...there is no particular ways you 'should' feel or things you 'should' do.there are no rules about how grieving should go...do take care...and always remember...you have lots of friends out there...they will always be with you. they'll listen to you and laughed with you...that is the power of support...I just wish I knew the perfect thing to say to make you feel better but I know there is none. This is so unfair and I am just so so sorry.

"Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief"- Albert Camus..

p/s: to Along..u r really such a great friend and sister to her...


Ena Mazly said...

Can't stop myself from crying each time i remember 'HER'... Without husband by her side ...oh goshhhh .... i really can't imagine how hard for her to face all this.....

HaninFarshid said...

kak ena...the best thing we can do for her is just let her know repeatedly in a variety ways that we are there and want to help her somehow...We will always pray for her.yg penting sekarang...kiter doakan dier sihat..

elya ezrin said...

hi kak hanin.

i'm one of your silent readers, harap u dun mind =)

i'm always with smiles evrytime i read ur entries bcoz they r so lovely, like u =)

lets pray for "her" eyh? i'm one of her readers too & it's gud to know she has a gud friend like u.

owh btw, my bf pun marine engineer wif misc jugak, reading blogs of u guys rily help me to prepare myself,hehe..

keep on blogging ek, & please do drop by my blog okay? =)

HaninFarshid said...


Ok dear...thanks for reading :)will drop by ur blog... x sangka my blog make u to "prepare" urself..terharu k.hanin..i know that "she" also will be thankful ada ramai org amik berat pasal dier :)

faRra said...

hye kak hanin..

since reading ur entri yg chicken soup tu, i cant help myself from searching for the book..

before diz time skola2 dl d gak bace..

tp semnjak due mnjak ni, mcm len lak mintnye da..hEe~

btw..do hope 'she' will be ok..

*tak saba nk tnggu lil kyra kua...