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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In your eyes....

After i've read Chicken Soup For the Mother & Daughter Soul page 217 on the topic 'I am My mother'....I'm worried!!!!! I admit that my mom was the greatest mom to me and my sisters...I just hope that i can be as good (or as great) as my mom to my future kids...(especially Kyra). No matter how busy she is with her work...eventhough it's hard for me to see her (since childhood till now)...she will always showered me with love and affection (eventhough i'm not her lil' daughter anymore but gonna be a mom soon)...

Yes...I miss my mom (my ayah and my hubby of course...x tau lak nape jiwang kat mama..maybe baca this book kot!!) When i looked through my childhood pictures...i just miss her...I loved to look at the pictures especially my mom holding the newborn me, wearing baju sejuk with ayah, tok mama and pakcik beside her..Wow!! that was 27 years ago...when she was still studying at Ohio University, U.S.A....(my mom gave birth to me when she was still 23 years old, taking her degree course and ayah 25 years old...They are married before the went to U.S.A..huhuh! tok ayah strict...suruh mama kawin dulu before pergi U.S)...

Once I asked my mom.." mama, hanin punya uri mama tanam kat mana?"

my mom smiled sheepishly at me and said.." mama tanam bawah pokok apple..." heh! patutler muka hanin bulat mcm apple :P

When i look through the other pictures, mama mandikan hanin eventhough mama busy ada class...mama reading me story books (oh!! now, i know why i love to read books)...mama bring me jalan-jalan...Nope, my mom is very special...my mom don't cook for me(tok ayah manjakan mama..dier pun ada maid jaga dier...so, hanin tak salahkan mama)...but she is very special in her own way...She is a working mom...eventhough dari kecik my maid takes care of me and my sisters...she has her own way to show her love to us...she makes sure she has time for us...*sigh..sedih laks...*

Thanks mama...for everything...i hope u are here for me when i give birth to your first granddaughter..(and of course with my beloved hubby and ayah..and the whole family)...
I just hope i am like you mama..I vowed to myself to take a good care of you and ayah. Hanin janji...will always be a good daughter to you and ayah.. a good wife to Farshid and a good mom to your future grandchildren...mama jangan risau...hanin akan usahakan semoga cita-cita hanin tercapai...thanks for your support....

This is a lil poem to you....(Hanin curik from chicken soup book :) )

(This is a poem that I wanted to share with you. I got it from a book that I have been reading called Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul. For those of you that have daughter's this is a really good book and I strongly recommend it but make sure you break out some tissues first because some of the stories in it make you wanna cry or bring up memories of your own that make you cry.)

In Your Eyes

In your eyes, Mom,

I have always been the prettiest,

The smartest, the funniest

The one with the potential

To do anything

In your eyes,

My failures are but

Practice for success

My weaknesses

But strengths in

the making

My mistakes

But an opportunity to learn

In your eyes,

I am the strongest

And the softest,

I am the shoulder

The world can cry on

And the rock

It can lean on

In your eyes,

I am the most creative

And artistic

My every stick figure

The Mona Lisa

My every clay figure


In your eyes,

I am the most loved and loving

Everyone's best friend

The perfect daughter

The perfect mother

The perfect wife

A beautiful person to know

And when I see myself

Reflected in your eyes

I see someone

Ten times the person I'll ever be---

I see you.

By: Melissa Peek

My mom...happy on my wedding day..still a gorgeous mom...

P/S: Thanks mama for being there for me...for supporting me...Love you so much!! orang lain susah nak support hanin berhenti kerja..but mama faham...mama doakanler semoga cita-cita hanin tercapai eh? You are the greatest,mama...

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