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Friday, February 20, 2009

Tagged by Belle (16 things u are forced to know about me)

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.
Here goes..

1. I love kids sooooo much!!! Thank u Allah for this beautiful baby inside my tummy..

2. I nie bekas cikgu..heheh!! (now, i'm full time housewife) yups! i became teacher because i love kids...hope one day i can open my dream montessori kindergarten..hope my dream come true...

3. I love my hubby,Encik Farshid soooo much...he's my forever love...yes! i'm a romantic type of person..

4. I love travelling....tak sabar one day i bring my baby jalan2 with us..to Australia...UK.....US...bla bla bla...kena save duit ;) ( nak jalan yang ada rollercoaster...heheh! love adventurous games)

5. Love eating soooo much!! yes..i'm a food lover especially spicy kampung food and chinese seafood..

6.My current worry: will i be a good mom??

7. I love being pampered...hehehe!!! thanks sayang for manjakan me...

8. I'm excited....i will deliver my kyra this 16th April...insyaAllah...oh!! tak sabar my B balik...

9. I love to read books...especially the chicken soup series and romantic novels written by Judith Mcnaught and virginia Henley..

10. I love my friends sooooo much...you know who you are ;)

11. I'm thankful to have a big happy family...thanks korang....for being there for me when i need u...muahx!! love u sangat2..

12. I love beaches....I love the smell and the romantic feeling at the beach.

13. I hope to live in a kampung style home one day (especially at Janda baik or my grandma's kampung, Kedah)...tp tengok my hubby camna :P

14. I love SHOPPING!!!! especially when it is Sale!!

15. I am a loyal type of person....(like i'm loyal to HIM ;) )

16. I'm thankful with my happy life....i have great husband..cute baby/babies...happy family...great house and cars...semualah...

I'm tagging:

1. Elya

2. Dina (now, its ur turn ;) )

3. Along

4. Kak Ena

5. ety

6. and sesapa jelah yang nak buat

(the reason: saja jek nak berkenalan dengan lebih rapat)


Dina said...

Hah I plak kene dah.. hehe!
Ok ok I'll try but you'll have to wait for a bit yah.


Ena Mazly said...

Nin, akak dah jawap tag hanin...

HaninFarshid said...


ok...i'll be waiting..i know how busy u r especially biler ada org tersayang ;)


thanks kak..at least i get to know u better... :)